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Welcome to this month’s blog train!

The focus Scripture this month is Nehemiah 9:6

“You alone are the Lord.
You have made the heavens,
The heaven of heavens with all their host,
The earth and all that is on it,
The seas and all that is in them.
You give life to all of them
And the heavenly host bows down before You.

Such a beautiful praise to our Creator Father.  In Nehemiah, beginning in 7:73 and continuing through chapter 10:39, Ezra, in detail, explains and presents the law to the people, as they come together to rebuild the temple.  Through this teaching of the law, (see 8:13) a great revival broke out and the people worship and repent. They begin their repentance and worship by restoring the Feast of Booths. This feast takes place in the Jewish month of Tishri (late September to mid-October) and is a time of celebrating the harvest as a reminder of God’s continuous provision to His people during and since the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness.  Chapter 9 tells of the descendants of Israel separating themselves from the foreigners, coming together and standing and confessing their sins and the sins of their fathers, before the Almighty God.  The words of the Law put such conviction within them, that they were crying out, shouting to God.  Verse 5 begins, “Arise, bless the Lord your God forever and ever!”  Verse 6 follows with, “You alone are the Lord,” and begins this awesome description of God’s wonders, mercy, justice, and most noticeable, His amazing grace for His people.  If you haven’t read Nehemiah 9, or haven’t read it recently, I implore you to do so.  Take the verses and allow their words to wash through you.  I get emotional reading through this, awestruck with God’s creation power, and then, to look at the sins of His Chosen Ones, and see His grace, and be convicted of how I have committed these same sins, and Our Father has extended, still is extending, and will continue extending that same grace, to me.  Whew… that is an overwhelming thought for such a sinner as me, and fills me with so much gratefulness.

These colors are perfect for June.

Here is mine:


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