Fall Celebration Day 7!

WOW!  This is such a busy  morning and I have so much to share with you!

First of all, if you haven’t gotten my blog train submission for Scrap Designers Blog Train, go to the previous post and grab that freebie, along with all of the other designers!  This month’s theme is, “See You In September.”

In honor of my Fall Celebration, I am having a Fall Celebration Sale at My Memories.  This week, I have the Life Bundle on sale with 50% OFF.  It isn’t just a “fall” kit, but the colors of the palette certainly flatter Autumn pictures.  You can visit this sale by clicking on the ad.


At my Go Digital Scrapbooking store, I have two fall kits that were previously released at MM, but are new to GDS.  Those kits are also on sale until Sept. 23, also with 50% OFF! You can visit that sale by clicking on the “New Release” ad.


For those who have been commenting on my fall celebration posts, I have another QP for a “commenting bonus” to share with you today, so be on the lookout for your download link!  This is what it looks like:



I love sharing.  My first love is sharing Scripture and the Gospel with others.  I like to share my baked goods and plants with friends and neighbors.  I enjoy being able to share news, sales, pictures, and freebies with you.  For our QOTD,

“What do enjoy sharing with others?”  

Your comment can be in word or picture.  I look forward to seeing your responses!  Have a super happy, scrappy day!

13 thoughts on “Fall Celebration Day 7!”

  1. Радовать близких,друзей – всем что есть и овощами с огорода,и добрым словом ,и улыбкой,поддержать-кому плохо.

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      1. Здравствуйте! Извините,я не понимаю как скачать?
        Hello! Sorry, I don’t understand how to download?


  2. Ha found it, I missed this one the other day, I live on my own with just my husband and don’t know anyone in the town I live in, so it is hard to share anything with anybody but I test my grand daughter regularly and we share pictures and things.

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