Fall Celebration Day 6!

Good morning!  Oh, how beautiful this morning is!


If you would like a copy of this Bible Card, click on it and you will go to the download.

Yesterday,  we talked about what encourages us.  One of the most encouraging things for me is when someone else tells me that I have encouraged them.  I often share Scripture on my personal Facebook page and inevitably, someone will say, “Thank you, that was just for me today!”  or I will often speak to someone in the store and drum up conversation.  Many of those people have thanked me for talking to them.  I love encouraging others.

Today’s QOTD:
How do you encourage others?

4 thoughts on “Fall Celebration Day 6!”

  1. Сегодня внука первый раз повели в садик-ясли- ему 2 года будет скоро.Это такое трепетное чувство. И балуем-угощаем внуков за все их достижения и победы.Люблю встречаться с подругами-столько воспоминаний,улыбок.

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  2. Посмотрела перевод ужасный. В предложении нет части слов. Что вы поймете…?


  3. Encouraging others is something I LOVE to do! Sending random snail mail, texting them that I’m thinking of them, or even just telling someone I pass on the sidewalk that I love their style or their hair or their smile. Especially if I can tell they are discouraged or NEED encouragement.

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