Fall Celebration Day 5

WOW!  This first picture was taken on Wednesday morning.  I mentioned the color just beginning in the trees.


Only 3 days later, and this is the same tree line this morning!


It was a nice 61 degrees this morning, when I took the dogs out.  This break in the heat is amazing.

This week, my wonderful husband has been walking with me.  He is such an encouragement to me.  He also encourages me in the most important area of my life, my faith.  I love this man so very much and I thank God for him, daily.

I am also encouraged when people interact and communicate.  Sometimes, just seeing a smile on a stranger that I pass is an encouragement.  It really doesn’t take much to motivate me and keep me going.

Our QOTD is: What encourages you?

3 thoughts on “Fall Celebration Day 5”

  1. Красота природы и “звенящий”-чистый воздух-всегда вдохновляет..Получаешь заряд бодрости,желание творить..Я подарила подруге фотоальбом ( делала в фотошопе и распечатала как календарь А4 )- я делала 3 года….


  2. It never fails to encourage me when I get “out of myself” and give to someone else. I deal with depression. And the one thing I definitely DO NOT want to do is reach out to someone when I’m low. But that’s exactly when I NEED to do it. When I do, I always end up blessed.


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