Fall Is In The Air!! Let’s Celebrate!!

I am sure enjoying these nice cool mornings! In case you haven’t been here very long, I have to share with you, “I like fall!” (A lot!) I enjoy the cooler weather, the turning leaves, fall blooms, hay, cornstalks, seeing the cotton pop open in the fields, small town football games, popcorn, campfires, festivals, fairs, soups, hot apple cider, and I could go on and on.
My mood seems to change in the autumn. I have more energy. I get in the mood to bake. I want to have get togethers, and cook outs. Summer in Tennessee is just too hot to enjoy standing over a grill or smoker, but fall is just right.
For those of us who enjoy scrapbooking, there are so many opportunities to snap photos and begin a new scrapbook. On social media, it isn’t easy to have those “get togethers” in person, so, a prompt will be given each day for the MBDD fans and followers. Answer the questions with words, pictures, scrapbook pages, or a video. I know that I have several fans who are not on FB, but follow my blog, so responses on my blog will count, as well. At the end of September, I will be giving away, to three participating fans, “Falling Leaves Bundle!” I am also planning a “get together” event, right here on FB! I want to have a fall party with you! During the event, we will do a progressive scrap and of course, give away prizes!
Our prompt for today: What are the best parts of fall??

6 thoughts on “Fall Is In The Air!! Let’s Celebrate!!”

  1. Обожаю осенний наряд-яркие краски! Два дня гуляли по лесу-нашли около 20 грибов..главное-свежий воздух,чудесное настроение! А сейчас у нас дожди..как-то грустно…


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