Advent Day 15

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” —John 10:10


Some people feel loss and sadness at Christmas more than other times.

“Don’t block it out. Let it come. Feel it. What is love for, if not to intensify our affections— both in life and death? But, O, do not be bitter. It is tragically self-destructive to be bitter.”                                                                                                      -John Piper

Jesus came to earth to bring eternal life to us.  Families come together during the holiday season.  The homecomings and reunions are such sweet times.  As precious and exciting as these times are, they are just a foretaste for our final home going.

What is the true celebration of Christmas?  “I came that they might have life.”

Make your Christmas celebration, this year, even richer and more precious by sharing the news of the greatest gift, the Gospel, with others.

Today begins the third week of Advent and my third kit for you.  This is a smaller kit, but I hope you enjoy it just as much.  It is titled, “Sparkly Snowflakes and Perky Penguins.”

Just click on the preview to get today’s download.



Have a great evening!


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