Get Faith Sisters Huge November Collab FREE!!


Join us in our challenges, and get the collab as you create.  You will get a portion with each challenge.

Here is an explanation of how to track your challenges and a list of the challenges for this month.  Come join this amazing community of creative godly ladies as we honor and glorify God in our craft.

This is the link to our forum where you can learn more about the challenges: http://faithsisters.com/faith-sisters-ministry/challenges/

 We are giving out our beautiful Count Your Blessings Collab!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

For most of the challenges, you will receive a part of the collab as our gift to you.  We will also have the collab for sale in our store, if you are unable to participate in all of the challenges.

Please use this area to keep track of the challenges you have done.  Please copy and paste the challenges into your own thread – and just edit your thread to keep track.

1. Scripture Challenge

2. Journaling Challenge

3. God Made You Special

4. Bible Color Challenge

5. Designer Mini Kit Challenge

6. Card Challenge

7. Template Challenge

8. Siggy Challenge

9. Blog Train Challenge

10. Choose You This Day Challenge

11. Paper Challenge

12. Spread the Word Challenge





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